About the Model

The Human Rights Maturity Model (the Model) is designed to help employers create a self-sustaining human rights culture in the workplace. In concert with employers, employees, unions and management from a cross-section of organizations across Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Commission (the Commission) has developed a human rights model for today’s workplace.

The Model is a voluntary, proactive and incremental business management tool that stimulates real change. The Model provides guidance to businesses and organizations toward a sustainable and progressive human rights culture.

This tool, the first of its kind, promotes and recognizes positive organizational change. Businesses and organizations that use the Model will find it offers a simple step-by-step process to advance their human rights environment.

Please join us to explore how investing in a progressive human rights culture gives today’s workplace a clear competitive advantage.

For more information on how your organization can benefit from the Model, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact us.

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