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Human Rights Maturity Model

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Canada’s top employers all have one thing in common:

o   a respectful workplace culture.

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The Human Rights Maturity Model Builds on Five Key Elements

o   Leadership and Accountability

o   Communication and Consultation

o   Alignment of Policies and Processes

o   Capacity Building and Resources

o   Evaluation for Performance Measurement and Continuous Improvement

Measure and Improve your Workplace Culture

o   Assess your level of human rights maturity!

o   Identify any gaps!

o   Build an Action Plan!

o   Improve your workplace culture!

o   Reap the rewards!

The Model is a roadmap to guide you every step of the way. It’s flexible, inclusive and adaptable to any organization.

Five Levels of Maturity

1.    Initiated

2.    Defined

3.    Managed and Routine

4.    Predictable and Sustainable

5.    Continuously Optimizing

Learn more about the Human Rights Maturity Model and how your organization can benefit from the Model. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact us.

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